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IMechE Reviews and Implementation of Recommendations

In 2018, following a Special Meeting, the Trustee Board commissioned three member-led reviews covering the Institution’s governance, financial management and member Code of Conduct and disciplinary regulations.

The reviews aimed to change our governance, operations, culture and behaviour; to ensure that the problems that had developed within the IMechE, resulting in the call for the Special Meeting, could not be repeated, and to make us, as a professional Institution, fit for the future in all respects.

The reviews were informed by over 2,500 comments received from members via a survey, by consultations with stakeholders, volunteers and staff and by review of external practices in other professional bodies. Across the three reviews a total of 96 primary recommendations were made.

The Implementation Group

In 2019 the Trustee Board established a dedicated ‘task and finish’ Implementation Group of members and staff, to run to the end of the Presidential year 2020-21, with delegated responsibility for taking forward the recommendations of the reviews in a workable manner. In doing so, the Implementation Group was directed to consider the underlying intent that shaped each original recommendation to allow for modifications to be made if necessary to ensure that all recommendations worked together to solve the problems, or grasp the opportunities, identified.

The Implementation Group was initially chaired by then President Elect, Terry Spall CEng FIMechE, with Dr Kerry Mashford OBE CEng FIMechE FICE FIET serving as chair during the period of May 2020- May 2021.

The Implementation Group disbanded in early June 2021, having completed its work. By that time, 84 of the original 96 primary recommendations had been fully implemented or were very nearly complete, with the remaining recommendations either pursuing agreed further work or just needing more time for implementation. In these cases they were often dependent on external factors (including economic and other impacts of Covid-19) or they necessarily took a long time, such as embedding culture change across the Institution.

Interim Reporting

The work, and progress in implementing the review recommendations has been featured in several issues of ‘From Birdcage Walk’, in PE Magazine, and in President Terry Spall’s Inside Track. Selected progress and topic updates are provided below:

Final Reporting

As the Implementation Group disbanded, it was important to provide those members and staff taking on longer term responsibility for specific areas of activity with clarity on what has been implemented and, where this differs from the original recommendations, the reasons for this and how it remains faithful to the intent.

To this end, a table covering all 96 recommendations, their status, responsible member-led group and staff function was drawn up.

To summarise the work done and changes implemented with the support and guidance of the Implementation Group, a ‘Close-out report’ has been prepared for the benefit of members, staff, and statutory stakeholders. Please emailgovernance@imeche.orgif you would like to request copies of the report and table of recommendations.


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